Slasher: The Tabletop RPG

Create and play through your own Slasher movie!

“Slasher” is a competitive tabletop RPG with which players create and play through their own Slasher movie! One player creates the Slasher while the others form the cast of people trying to survive!

Tell me that doesn’t sound awesome?!

Horror games seem to be making something of a comeback and it’s nice to see them in the traditional form of a board or card game instead of something electronic. Here’s what the game designers said:

Slasher is a competitive tabletop RPG that pays homage to the Slasher genre.  It includes all the tropes you’d expect in the movies, from character types such as the Jock or Virgin, to to things like tripping while running, or dropping keys.

One player creates the Slasher character by choosing from different perks and abilities.  One player is the Producer,  who is responsible for coming up with the storyline,  setting,  etc. and has a deck of Trope cards to play to try and ensure that a certain amount of Slasher movie rules are met.  The rest make the cast of the stereotypical characters from the movies and have to try to survive or defeat the Slasher.

It has multiple game modes such as Classic which plays out like Halloween or Friday the 13th type and Whodunnit which is more like a Scream movie.  No two playthroughs will ever be the same unless players want to revisit a Set or story previously created.  The Set is drawn up on the included dry erase map like a blueprint of the location the game takes place such as a house and yard.

How amazing does this game sound?! I will certainly be saving my pennies for the game which costs $35  but unfortunately seeing a I live in the UK it will cost me more with shipping. Check out the Facebook page (HERE) where there’s also a link to buy the game.

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