"Army Of Darkness" – The Tabletop Game

It’s time to get excited you primitive screwheads!

Some of you maybe aware that I have an obsession with all things “Evil Dead” so you can imagine my excitement, I mean who doesn’t want to play a game where you not only get to play as ‘As’ but you also get to play as ‘Evil Ash’ as well?!

“Army of Darkness” recreates the battle for Arthur’s Castle at the end of the film, as the Deadites swarm over the walls in their attempt to capture the Book of the Dead. The players take the roles of some of the important characters from the film (Ash, Henry, etc.) and try to defeat Evil Ash and his horde of Deadites.

The game can be played cooperatively where the evil forces are controlled by predetermined objectives, or instead one of the players can control all of the evil forces. Game play consists of players searching the castle for allies and equipment they can use to fight the Deadites (flaming arrows, explosives, etc.) and the actual combating of the evil army. Players win if they defeat the four evil champions. Evil wins if Evil Ash gets the Book of the Dead out of the castle or if the Deadite army kills all of the players.

Whilst not too much is known about the full game yet (everything is listed as ‘not final product’) the plan is to include numerous highly-detailed miniature figures and all will be supplemented with the inevetable expansions, accessories and other add-on pieces.

In case you’re wondering this game has nothing to do with  1993 board game of the same name and also has nothing to do with the failed “Evil Dead 2” board game (“Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn”). That game was being made by Space Goat as they had the licence but unfortunately they ran out of money (despite raising over $720,000 via KickStarter) and sadly the game has never been made.

Sadly there is currently no word on when the game may be released but I think it’s safe to say that it’s in the right hands, Dynamite Entertainment have had the “Army Of Darkness licence for some time now and if you’ve read the comics they’ve released over the years then you’ll know it’s a brand they’re proud of.

So what do you think? Is this something you’d be interested in? Let me know in the comments below.

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