Why You Should Never Fully Trust A Review

I’m most probably shooting myself in the foot with this post but I feel like it’s something I need to say.

Here is a conversation I have had a lot:

Person: So have you seen (insert film name here)?

Me: Yeah I have
Person: What did you think of it?
Me: (Gives a negative opinion)
Person: Oh I won’t bother with it then
I’ve also had the opposite were I tell them I’ve enjoyed it and so they watch it, only for the person to tell me they didn’t enjoy it. I’ve never understood this properly, I’ve been that person where I’ve asked someone their opinion on a film, but I won’t watch or not watch a film based on someone else’s opinion. Why would I?
That’s that persons opinion not mine, why would I take that opinion and make it my own before I’ve even given that film a chance? I’ve heard it used as an excuse so many times, “I never bothered watching that film because I got told it was rubbish”, okay, but why would you avoid that feature based on someone not enjoying it?
I always say that watching a brand new film is a chance to have a new favourite film, you have to remember that once upon a time your favourite film was something you hadn’t watched and what if someone had told you that your now favourite film was rubbish and you didn’t watch it because of someone else’s opinion of it.
Now I know I write reviews on this blog and I give you my opinion of the film but I don’t expect those who read my review to take it as their own opinion, I love it when someone says to me that they watched a film I did a negative review of and they enjoyed it, that’s great, I’m glad because for them that they did enjoy it.
That’s exactly it though, when someone writes a review they are giving you their opinion, whether they liked it or not is irrelevant to your opinion. They’re telling you what they did and didn’t like, not giving you a fact to base your opinion on, to form an opinion on the feature you have to actually watch it yourself.
I myself have read many reviews of films that basically tol me to avoid the feature at all costs yet I watched it anyway and thoroughly enjoyed it, sure I’ve watched some were the reviewer was right and it was awful but again I’ve also had the opposite were they praised a film, claiming it was a must see and I absolutely hated it.
Now I know I’m rambling a bit here but I really want to get my point across here, I know we live in an age of an abundance of choices of things to watch yet we seem to have very little time for ourselves so when you view something you want it to be worth your time but this is where you need to take a risk.
If you’ve got an interest in a film then pursue that interest and watch it, don’t seek out review after review for it or look at the comments people have left on the trailer, just simply watch it, people seem to seek out too much information about a feature before watching it and I just don’t understand it at all.
So like I said at the beginning, never trust a review, take it with a pinch of salt and if the movie interests you then watch it.┬áThe worse that can happen is you don’t enjoy it, that’s it, or it could become your new favourite film.

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