Ten Years On: Trailer Park Of Terror

For this ‘Ten Years On’ post we take a look back at “Trailer Park Of Terror”.

I love it when you discover a film that you’ve never heard of and know nothing about, it’s something that was even a rarity ten years ago.
That’s what happened to me with this feature, the cover just screamed at me to watch it. It’s great when that happens because you can feel your brain being split into two, one side shouting at you “Look at that cover, it’s awesome! Let’s watch this” and the other side ponders “Hmmm we have been tricked before.”

It was even better then that this was a fell I fell in love with after my first viewing, yes I enjoyed it that much. It’s an independent feature that is so much fun to watch and looks like it was a real hoot to make, which I feel always makes for better viewing when it shows like that. It has a real charm to it that makes you smile as you watch it.

Sure the film is full of cliches and it won’t blow you away like a multi million blockbuster would but for a b-movie that was released ten years ago it has aged really well and it still holds a ton of entertainment value, the characters are so well done and it’s one where you can’t help but love the villains. I’ve always said that I’d love to see a sequel, I highly doubt it will happen now though.
The film is actually based on a Horror comic of the same name, I’ve always wanted to read them but I can’t find them anywhere here in the UK, such a shame as I love Horror comics. I think I’ll ease that annoyance by watching the film again, in actuality it is one of my ‘go-to’ films and it is watched quite often in my house.

As I stated earlier, ten years on and this feature still holds a ton of entertainment value. If you have never watched it then I highly recommend you do so, I highly doubt it will disappoint you.

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