Help Robert Englund Get A Star On Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame

There’s no doubting that Robert Englund deserves this accolade.

Fans of Englunds work are rallying together to try and get him a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, an IndieGoGo page has been set up by fans to help make this possible.

The funding page has perks such as:

  • Limited edition commemorative t-shirts and sweatshirts
  • Enamel pins (Limited Edition Low Quantity)
  • Exclusive Art work On Roberts Many Roles
  • Horror Boxes
  • Raffles
  • A lucky few of you will also can be a top tier contributor and attend an exclusive celebratory party (Location TBD) on the day of the Star ceremony (Date TBD) with horror film elite

And so much more.

All of the money collected in the Robert Englund Hollywood Walk of Fame campaign goes to cover the installment and maintenance fee with the Hollywood Walk of Fame, associated fees and taxes, and the contribution gifts. Additional funds will be used to produce a documentary covering the journey to get Robert Englund a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame along with documenting the ceremony.

Robert Englund’s Hollywood Walk of Fame nomination will be submitted to the committee by May 20th in order to meet the May 31st deadline. Committee selections will take place in late June and then the 2020 ceremony will be announced at a later date. If Englund’s star isn’t chosen for 2020, the submission will automatically roll over to 2021. If he doesn’t make 2021, Nostalgic Nebula and HorrorPulse/FlatlineTV will go ahead and resubmit the necessary documents.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame committee receives hundreds of submissions a year, however, Robert Englund and Freddy Krueger need to be represented on the Walk of Fame but to even just get into the first round the right amount of money needs to be raised.

So do you want to get involved and help this amazing project? Then head on over to the IndieGoGo page HERE and see how you can help out!

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