"Terrifier 2" Smashes It’s IndieGoGo Campaign!

“Terrifier 2” has been fully funded and is going ahead.

Not only that, but it was fully funded in just under three hours. How amazing is that!

As a huge fan of the “Art The Clown” character I seriously cannot wait for this sequel and can only imagine how overwhelmed the film-makers and cast must be at how quickly this project got fully backed, not only that but funding is still ongoing and the budget is still rising.
I know the “Terrifier” film was something of a surprise hit and Horror fans worldwide seemed to quickly embrace it but even I’m shocked about how quickly it was fully funded, it goes to sow you how big its fan base actually is and also how dedicated and hungry they are for this sequel.

Writer/Director Damien Leone said that the need to raise funds was for an epic gore sequence featuring, in Leone’s own words, “mass casualties”. He went on to state:

 “Without beating around the bush, I wrote an EPIC scene in the screenplay for Terrifier 2 that we currently do not have enough money to shoot. Without spoiling all the juicy, gory details, the scene will involve mass casualties and the destruction of its location, BUT it is the context of the scene that truly makes it so original. We’re aiming to create a scene so shocking and iconic that people will talk about it for years to come. Imagine if Art the Clown was in charge of the prom mayhem in Carrie…meets David Lynch…meets Maniac….just sayin.”

Leone also said that additional funds will go towards casting an iconic film star in one of the lead roles so it will be interesting to see who he casts.

As I said the IndieGoGo campaign is still live and you can still get involved and purchase some great perks on offer, just head on over to the campaign page HERE and have a look.

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