Horror (Short) Review: Box (2019)

A man frantically dumps a body after committing an accidental murder, frightened he rushes home only to find a large ominous wooden Box on his doorstep.

For those of you who follow my page you will know I’m a fan of short Horror films. So when I got the opportunity to review this Horror short, I jumped at the chance.

First off let me say, the quality of Horror shorts has got better and better with each passing year. They’re so easily accessible and can be a great lauching pad for someones career, whether you’re an actor, writer or director. I actually wrote about this a couple of years ago in “The Rise Of The Horror Short Film” (which you can read HERE).
I say all this because this Horror short is a perfect example of that, here we have a short feature that takes you on a gripping journey and it never lets up. It has a great premise that keeps you intrigued from beginning to end and is a great representation as to why I love to watch and share these Horror shorts.
Actor Jimmy Dempster is our lead man here and he does an amazing job of keeping you fixated on the screen as his character goes through the ringer and you find yourself being psychologically challenged as the short unravels, which is a great testament to how strong the story is and how well it’s presented.
I know I’m being quite vague about this short feature but it’s one that you need to just go into with little knowledge about what is happening and I don’t want to take any of the mystery away from you before you see it. As the saying goes: ‘the less you know, the better’ and I firmly believe that.
If you have 30 minutes then I highly recommend you watch this, if you don’t then make time to watch it. If you enjoy it as much as I did then I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
If you want to see the “Box” short then just click on the video below:
Check out the “Box” Instagram HERE
Check out Jimmy Dempster’s Instagram HERE
You can also check out the Instagram for “Killer Babes” an upcoming feature starring Jimmy Dempster along with Linnea Quigley, Tristan Risk, Debbie Rochon and more HERE

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