31 Days Of Horror: Day Fifteen

Welcome to “31 Days Of Horror” where each day I’ll post up about under-rated Horror characters.

Asami Yamazaki

When it come to Asian Horror cinema there is a plethora of characters to choose from that have been sadly overlooked, I decided to choose the one that I have never understood why she didn’t get the acknowledgement she deserved.
Here we have a sadistic and deeply disturbing character that does some gruesome things, a big draw for many Horror fans. Yet here she is on my list, it boggles my mind how many Horror fans aren’t even aware of her character.

2 thoughts on “31 Days Of Horror: Day Fifteen

  1. AUDITION is one of those films I only watched once, and haven't been able to go back to again. Some things are a little too much for me, and the closing section of that one fits the bill. It's such a slow-burn movie, I wonder how many people abandoned it before the finish?


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