Ten Years On: Stake Land

For this ‘Ten Years On’ post we take a look back at “Stake Land”.

Here we have what is easily one of my favourite films of the last ten years.

I remember being blown away by this film when I first saw it, in fact I’m still blown away by it now all these years later each time I watch it. This film came out of nowhere and for some reason flew under the radar, it’s a true shame that it didn’t get the recognition it truly deserved.
Sure it was, hell still is, beloved by Horror fans. Honestly I’m yet to meet someone who didn’t enjoy it, but the fact that so few know of it is just sad. Even now ten years on I’m still trying to tell people about this film, to get them to watch a film that somehow passed them by.
I have to say that not only is this film criminally under rated but it also features a character that I feel is also overlooked, that of ‘Mister’. A bad ass character that shows us how effective minimalism can be, there’s no bells and whistles or anything flashy about him and it just works so goddamn well.
The films plot is so well done, I feel that even if it was released today it would still be such a great story. For a film that had a small budget it went above and beyond what was expected of it, every penny is on the screen and you’d really think it was a seven figure budget with what they managed.
Ten Years On and “Stake Land” is still a firm favourite of mine,  in fact I’m gonna go and watch it right now!

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