Covid-19 And The Future Of Horror

There is no doubting that Covid-19 has affected everything.

It brings up so many questions going forward, “Will life ever be the same again?”, “What will normal be?” and so many more.

Well whilst being in isolation and watching an abundance of Horror there was one thought that crossed my mind, “What will the future of Horror films be?”

They say that art imitates life and there’s no doubting that statement, we’ve seen many, many films that capture a moment in time. films such as “Romero’s Dead Series”, “The Thing”, “It Follows”, “The Crazies”, “The Purge”, “Candyman”, “They Live”, “The Fly” to name just a few that have meanings and messages behind them.

Some of these features have gone on to become bona fide classics, and not just Horror genre classics, especially when that films message is still relevant years after its release. So will we see any classics released in this present time that reflect what’s going on in the world right now with the Covid-19 pandemic still ongoing.

What I’m expecting to see is a plethora of virus/contagious/ outbreak/pandemic movies ranging from low budget to big budget. I know a lot of people that started re-watching these style of films whilst being in isolation, I watched a few of them myself, and it would be no surprise if they became the trend.

If we’re honest here I think we can all see this happening, whether they’ll be any good or not is a different question but one thing I do think is that this could be a time for the more independent style films to thrive. Without the restrictions of the bigger studios they have that advantage going for them.

Now don’t get me wrong, what has been going on in the world has been awful, but as a huge film fan I’m excited to see what inspiration film makers out there have took from all this and what they’ll have to offer us when possible. Here’s hoping for a Horror boom!

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