Check Out The Upcoming Dinosaur Horror Game "Goner"

As someone who has a love for both Horror and dinosaurs let me just say…



“Goner” is a first person perspective survival-horror game that promotes self-management and exploration style gameplay.  You will have complete freedom travelling through a large island, but you will need to be prepared accordingly to survive the many dangers it hides. Face feral dinosaurs and the remaining members of a lost civilization gone wild!
Gameplay details revealed so far see “Goner” featuring two modes, Survival and Story depending on the type of dino filled experience players want to have. They’ll need to manage hunger, thirst, fatigue, temperature and health by heading into the jungle to hunt and collect resources, learning to cook, find water sources and craft useful items.
To keep the action and environment realistic there will be day and night cycles with sun and moon phases alongside changing weather conditions. Players will have to carefully manage items due to limited inventory capacity, the usual prerequisites for any survival title. What is a little different is the ability to camouflage smell with mud or water to aid in hunting or not getting caught.
Now tell me that doesn’t sound absolutely amazing?! It’s now up on Kickstarter, if you’d like to get involved just click HERE. I seriously cannot wait to see how this turns out.
Also check out the promo video below:

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