Horror In 2021

What does 2021 have in store for Horror fans?

There’s certainly no denying that 2020 was a true Horror of a year for everyone, but it did make film-makers to start thinking more outside of the box in what they could do. As the saying goes, “limitation breeds creativity”, and in my opinion this past year was a great example of that.

For instance this was the year that the film “Host” took everyone by surprise and became a huge hit, even with a running time of under an hour. Here is a film that was made due to Corona Virus restrictions, it took the whole Zoom boom of 2020 to a whole new level, I must add that it was also very well done.

In 2021 it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw more of this style of film, it certainly gives independent film-makers a chance to put their creativity to good use, even with the restrictions. I’m also expecting to see more pandemic style films, it really wouldn’t surprise me if zombie films made a return either.

Think about it, if there was ever a time for the dead to rise again is this not it? With theories aplenty all over the internet about corrupt governments and viruses and vaccinations anything that has a hint of dystopia to it is in my opinion not at all out of the question .

Since early 2020 it has felt as though we’ve sometimes been living in a real life Horror film, with lockdowns and limited movements it’s enough inspiration for many stories to be told. Films about isolation, paranoia, people running riot, I’m sure they will be a plethora of them.

Also with anthology style films and shows still in popularity it won’t surprise me to see more of these being made, it certainly would make me happy as I absolutely love anthologies. The market is certainly there for those who can of course afford to make something, as the old saying goes: restrictions breed creativity.

From what I’ve seen on social media I noticed a lot of people rediscovering old favourites and even discovering new ones, with the lack of new releases people had time to watch films they’d let pass them by before and some even rekindled their love for the genre.

Let’s not forget we also have all the films whose releases were delayed still to be released such as “A Quiet Place Part II”, “Halloween Kills”, “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It”, “Spiral: From The Book Of Saw” and more. Will they be released or once again delayed?

I think being a Horror fan in 2021 is certainly going to be interesting, we’ll have to wait and see but I choose to remain optimistic, even if it’s just for the films that we may get out of it all.

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