Horror Review: Trailer Park Of Terror (2008)

Six troubled high schoolers and their leader become lost after their bus crashes during a raging storm. They seeks refuge for the night in an abandoned trailer park, managed by a woman, Norma.

I must admit that when I first sat down to watch this film I wasn’t expecting much, I was honestly expecting to watch a run of the mill b-movie Horror where ninety minutes just fly by and it ends up being the only time I watch it and it goes to the back of my mind with the rest of them.

What actually happened was that I ended up falling in love with this feature and it went on to become a firm favourite that I watch quite regularly. It’s a real rarity that this happens but when it does it’s a fantastic moment, I’m sure you fellow Horror fans know exactly what I’m talking about.

The film is actually a ‘Straight-To-DVD’ release which can put off some people but I urge you not to be deterred, what we have here is a film filled with gore, laughs, more gore and some great characters that are played so well by the actors who portray them, so well in fact that I find it a true shame that this film isn’t more well known.

This is a feature that just wants you to have fun and in my opinion it more than succeeds in that aspect, plus it has a killer soundtrack! The practical effects is also a winner for me, they are so well done and as we all know it’s a great way to win over viewers, especially hardcore Horror fans.

The film actually started life as an independent comic book through Imperium Comics, unfortunately I’ve never had the privilege of reading them (I seriously hope I get the chance to one day) as it’d be interesting to see what differences there are between them, especially with the characters and the dark humour.

I fully recommend this feature if you’re wanting a good time, like I said it’s got laughs and gore, what more could you ask for?!

If you want to see the “Trailer Park Of Terror” trailer then just click on the video below:

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