Franchise Review: Sleepaway Camp Overview

Well folks, there you have it. The entire “Sleepaway Camp” series review.

It truly has been so much fun looking back over one of my favourite franchises.

If I may get personal for a moment, “Sleepaway Camp” is a franchise that is very dear to me, it was a franchise I discovered during a dark time in my life and it truly helped me out. It’s strange isn’t it, the power of film, but it’s true. Even to this day, if I’m having a bad time I put this film on.

The original film has certainly gained cult status over the years and for good reason, there’s no doubting it had one of the most shocking endings. People who haven’t seen the film for years may not remember much about the it but they certainly still remember THAT ending, it’s not exactly one to forget .

I also think the sequels are now getting the love they deserve, as I said “Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers” is one of my all time favourite sequels. “Sleepaway Camp” creator Robert Hiltzik sold his rights to future sequels, this is the reason why they’re so different to the original, but they work.

There was supposed to be a fourth instalment, the now infamous “Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor”. It was actually partially filmed but the films production company went bankrupt leaving it unfinished at 34 minutes long. The footage was released as an exclusive fourth disc for the Best Buy Red Cross edition of the Region 1 “Sleepaway Camp” Survival Kit box set and it is now long out of print.

For quite a few years now there has been rumours of a new “Sleepaway Camp” film titled “Sleepaway Camp Reunion 3D”, it’s supposed to be a direct sequel to “Return To Sleepaway Camp”. Apart from the 3D factor (never really been a fan) I’d really like to see this film be made as we have so many unanswered questions.

Whatever happened to ‘Aunt Martha’? Did ‘Judy’ really die, if not what happened to her? Is ‘Ronnie’ still wearing Short shorts? These are just some of the questions we’ve been left with that could be part of the story in the new film, I hope so anyway as it’s been “Sleepaway Camp Reunion 3D” is to conclude Robert Hiltzik’s own trilogy.

“Sleepaway Camp” is a highly enjoyable franchise, it has much to offer fans and I feel that it sadly gets lost in the shuffle sometimes, understandable as our genre has many great franchises, but still.

A documentary on the series, entitled “Angela: The Official Sleepaway Camp Documentary” was made, you can view it below:

Unfortunately as of writing this Desiree Gould who played ‘Aunt Martha’ passed away, she was 76. My thoughts go out to her family.

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