Horror Movie Clichés

Horror movie clichés, we all know them.

You see that many of them you can play drinking games whilst watching some Horror films (and I have done), you just have to be careful as watching certain films can get you extremely intoxicated.

With this post I intend to make a list of some Horror clichés, some of which really need to stop.

Doll Heads

An abandoned house, a run down factory, a backwoods barn… That’s where you’ll find these weird & creepy dolls and doll heads.

The Mirror Scare

Turn away from the mirror and your reflection doesn’t move. Same goes for opening a door, a medicine cabinet etc, close it, either it’s the killer or a false scare.

Behind You!

Let’s make it easier for the killer and walk backwards, straight into them, either that or the camera is going to spin around and reveal them right behind you.

Bad Phone Reception

Either the phone has no reception or your batteries dead, this is why you see so many movies set in the past, to avoid using this scene, because if you don’t show it then people ask “Why didn’t they use their phone?”

Creepy Basement

Buy a new house, oh wait what’s down there? Oh it’s just a creepy basement that looks like no ones been in in decades and if you go down there you might find something valuable.

Tripping/Falling Over

I honestly can’t believe we’re still seeing this in Horror films, this is one cliché I’m actually sick of seeing. Just tripping up or falling over for no reason makes my eyes roll.

Car Trouble

Another one I can’t believe we’re still seeing, either the car won’t start, you can’t find the keys, you’ve dropped them or the killer has done something to the car. You may even get to see the killer at the window, they may even smash the window.

The Killer Never Died

So went through that whole film, got attached to the characters that died, went through all the turmoil and now right at the finish we’re given an open-ended ending. Well, how else are you going to get that sequel?

Splitting Up

A cliché that’s been used so much that it’s even boring seeing it being parodied. even the use of ‘we got split up’ has become redundant.


Either the adults are extremely useless and ignorant to what’s going on or they’re the one giving the warning that gets ignored, you’re in a lose/lose situation.

Where’s The Body?

“I swear the body was here ten seconds ago, I shot him 12 times in the head & chest!” We know this one all too well, darn those killers and their invincible supernatural powers.

The Chair Scare

“Hello, Hellllooooo, are you okay? ……. hey!! OH NO they’re dead!” Either that or it’s the killer waiting for you, to get you or the big reveal of who the villain really is.

The Haunted House

Many families have been murdered in this very house, it was built on cursed ground and everyone in the town knows what happened here so we avoid it. Instead we’ll sell it to some out of towners.

Sex = Death

This one started many years ago when Christian morals run rampant through Hollywood. We all know promiscuity will lead to no good in the end, though if you’re a virgin you can always be sacrificed.

The Writing On The Walls

How can you tell the person went absolute bonkers? Well they wrote all over the walls of course, what else did you expect the mentally deranged character to do?!


Heard a noise? Go check it out. The noise was in the woods? Go check it out. The noise was in the dark creepy house? Go check it out. You see where I’m going with this.

Warning In Your Dreams

Our main character will have a bad nightmare or a weird dream, this dream chills them to their core, it was a premonition of what’s to come. The problem, no one believes them when it starts to come true.

Well that’s my run-down of some of the Horror Movie cliché’s we’ve seen so much of, I’m sure there are a lot more, I’d love to hear which ones you think I missed out.

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