Horror Review: Anything For Jackson (2020)

A bereaved Satanist couple kidnap a pregnant woman so they can use an ancient spellbook to put their dead grandson’s spirit into her unborn child but end up summoning more than they bargained for.

I love a film that knows what it wants to be and goes for it.

I’ll be honest with you, I read the synopsis to this film and truly didn’t know what to think, plus for me Shudder films can be hit and miss. But what we have here is a film that set out to put you in the middle of a truly atmospheric setting and a story ridden feature and it does exactly that.

I was truly impressed with this feature, the story could easily have been over complicated or become something laughable but the writers manage to keep things tight and let the story play out at a great pace, certainly not something you see a lot of in films these days.

Plus, as I mentioned before, the atmosphere. This feature is thick with it, from beginning to end it never lets up and coupled with the fact that you never really know where the film is going to go next it gets to the point that it actually makes you feel uncomfortable as a viewer.

The casting of this film was perfect, I can’t imagine anyone other than Sheila McCarthy and Julian Richings as our grieving Grandparents. They do such an amazing job, as do the rest of the cast. Also kudos to Director Justin G. Dyck, I hope he drops the Christmas films for more Horror, he may have found his calling.

“Anything For Jackson” is a film that well and truly impressed me, something that sadly doesn’t happen too often but when it does like this it seriously makes an impact on me.

Miscellaneous facts about the film:

The house used for the bulk of the movie is actually writer Keith Cooper’s house. However, Henry and Audrey’s bedroom and Ian’s basement were filmed at Director Justin Dyck’s house.

The filmmakers met with Bill Marks at Vortex studios, and pitched and sold the movie in 5 minutes. They started pre production the next morning.

In the book of Beur, Writer Keith Cooper added a fun line in Latin for anyone trying to read the book in the movie. “Tibi gratias ago tibi, quia propinqua est quaeritis” Which translates to, “Thank you for looking so closely”

Daniel Markworth, Production Designer, hid a small black cat figurine in many shots despite it ever really being seen.

This film was released exclusively on Shudder, a digital horror film streaming program, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Writer Keith Cooper had originally planned the story of Anything For Jackson with actor Julian Richings in mind for the part of Dr. Henry Walsh.

The director wanted to hide 3 hidden ghost scenes within the movie. As of yet, no one has found and pointed them out.

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