Ten Years On: “You’re Next”

For this ‘Ten Years On’ post we take a look back at “You’re Next”.

Time really does fly by doesn’t it.

Doesn’t seem that long ago that there was a mass marketing campaign for this film, posters were plastered everywhere you went featuring the now famous animal masks from the film. There was a real buzz around it and I admittedly got swept up in it as well.

One big selling point for me, and many other fans, was seeing the return of our beloved icon Barbara Crampton. It was a big deal, seeing her back on our screens and also back into the Horror genre made a lot of people happy and she’s been going strong ever since.

The film also helped establish Director Adam Wingard as one to definitely keep a look out for (yes, it’s the same Adam Wingard who just directed the mega blockbuster “Godzilla vs. Kong”), he created a tense atmosphere with a thrilling story and the strokes of comedy were perfect.

With the films mixture of an abundance of gore, it’s mixture of comedy, it’s 80’s throwback style, another Horror heroine to get behind and with a sense of fun to it, it certainly ticked a lot of fans boxes. It’s no wonder that it’s remembered so fondly, so much so people have been asking for a sequel.

Ten years on and “You’re Next” has certainly picked up a cult following over that time. The film is still as much fun to watch today as it was the day it was released, a testament unto itself.

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