Looking Back at Bravo’s “The 100 Scariest Movie Moments”

Film-makers, performers, genre authorities and selected high-profile fans count down the most chilling moments in cinematic history.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good list?

These countdown styles of shows was nothing new but this time it was different though, this time I could not miss this one. I was lucky enough that my Grandparents were able to record it all for me as it was on a channel that I didn’t have, they had Sky TV (A satellite service), I was just a poor student.

So there I was with my VHS that had been recorded over so many times it was seriously grainy and low quality, a pad and pen to make notes with and my snacks, I was ready. (Just on a little side note, I really do miss those days when this would be the highlight of my week, simpler times).

What followed was five shows, 60 minutes long each that showed clip after clip of some of the scariest movie moments. We also saw talking heads of many Horror legends such as Stephen King, Robert Englund, Tom Savini, Clive Barker, Bruce Campbell and many, many more.

We get the opinions, stories and behind the scenes gossip from these talking heads and it makes for some seriously interesting viewing to hear these titbits. We even get Gilbert Gottfried popping up every now and then, I don’t know why but he’s there but he is with his signature voice and all.

Now as I mentioned earlier, I had a pad & pen for notes, at the time I was just a teenager so I still had many films I’d not watched so what I used to do was make a note of films I hadn’t watched and search for them, I still do now to be honest though now it’s a lot easier.

I won’t give away the order of the list or even the films that are featured in the mini series but I’m sure you could guess more than half of them, in fact if you want to watch it yourself I’m sure you can actually find it on YouTube, if not it’ll be somewhere online I’m sure.

The show became highly popular, there was even two sequels made – “30 Even Scarier Movie Moments” in 2006 and “13 Scarier Movie Moments” in 2009. The original show is still talked about amongst fans and rightly so, it was seriously well done and also done with respect.

There’s no denying our beloved genre is hugely popular but it still gets a bad rep, especially from mainstream media and to see it done properly like this was great, that’s why fans still talk about it. But I must admit that one thing has been playing on my mind recently.

This mini series was done in 2004, with the last sequel being done in 2009, that was 12 years ago. A lot of quality scares have been seen since then, is it time for a new, updated list? If so what scary movie moment would you pick?

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