Ten Years On: “Grave Encounters”

For this ‘Ten Years On’ post we take a look back at “Grave Encounters”.

Found footage Horror films are pretty divisive, you either love them or you hate them. Me, I love them.

When this was released you have to remember that TV schedules were filled with ghost hunting style shows such as “Ghost Adventures”, “Most Haunted”, “Ghost Hunters” and the like. They were extremely popular at the time, as was anything paranormal related really, including films.

The marketing for this was very well done, the trailer became something of a hit it self as people shared it around social media and a certain picture of a woman with black eyes and huge mouth spread like a virus. Admittedly I was one of the people who got swept up in it all.

I’ve always enjoyed how the film slyly gets you comfortable as a viewer as you see the usual paranormal show set up we’re used to watching, then it slowly switches and everything descends into chaos and we see the characters react to the craziness happening around them and you feel like you’re part of it.

With it’s mixture of Horror, paranormal and even some comedy (it’s very obvious that our lead character ‘Lance Preston’ is something of a parody of Zak Bagans) it manages to keep things entertaining. Some may argue that the script itself is a tad outdated but it’s definitely a film of it’s time.

“Grave Encounters” was a film that was released at the exact right time and in my opinion it deserved all the success it got. Though less said about it’s sequel, the better.

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