My Top Thirteen “Tales From The Crypt” Episodes

Seriously, who isn’t a fan of this legendary Horror anthology show?!

I grew up watching “Tales From The Crypt”, it was such a fun show that really lit up my imagination. The stories were so great and tons of fun, so I thought I’d share my favourites.

With seven seasons of the show and how many great episodes there are you can imagine that this wasn’t an easy list to make.

So here it is, my list of my top thirteen “Tales From The Crypt” (the list is not in a favouritism order):

“What’s Cookin”

Married couple Fred and Erma’s restaurant has seen better days. But things change once a stranger walks in, with a rather unique steak recipe.

“The Man Who Was Death”

After the death penalty is abolished, an executioner continues his former job through freelancing.

“Abra Cadaver”

A former potential surgeon sets out to wreak revenge on the brother whose cruel practical joke prevented him from realizing his dream.

“The Ventriloquist’s Dummy”

Amateur ventriloquist Billy Goldman learns that being a ventriloquist might not be the best career for him.

“And All Through the House”

A greedy woman makes the mistake of murdering her husband while an escaped mental patient dressed in a Santa Claus outfit is on the loose.

“Carrion Death”

A sadistic serial killer has unforeseen complications when pursued by a determined motorcycle cop in a barren desert.

“Television Terror”

A TV shock journalist gives an on-air tour of an eerie haunted house.

“Cutting Cards”

Reno and Sam are a pair of hardcore gamblers who don’t play for fun, who challenge each other in a sample game of cards and the end result could be deadlier than they could’ve ever bargained for.

“Dig That Cat… He’s Real Gone”

A bum displays his ability to resurrect himself.

“Four-Sided Triangle”

Farmer George is attracted to Mary Jo, the nubile young woman who helps out with the chores. The problem is… she’s in love with a scarecrow.

“Dead Right”

A greedy woman marries on a seer’s advice.

“Creep Course”

An ancient mummy is offered a sacrifice.

“Death Of Some Salesmen”

A conniving con-man posing as a salesman gets more than he bargained for when he comes knocks at the door of the wrong family.

Honourable Mentions:

  • “The New Arrival”
  • “Split Second”
  • “Easel Kill Ya”
  • “Forever Ambergris”
  • “People Who Live In Brass Hearses”
  • “You, Murderer”
  • “Only Skin Deep”

What’s your favourite “Tales From The Crypt” Episode? Let me know in the comments below.

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