Looking Back At “666 Park Avenue”

At the 203 apartments Drake, NYC, residents are granted one wish – any wish.

But beware of the price. There’s something supernatural and evil about The Drake that only the owners, Gavin and Olivia. know about.

Back in 2012 adverts were being shown for a new show called “666 Park Avenue” with a cast featuring the likes of Terry O’Quinn, Vanessa Williams and Rachael Taylor. It looked really intriguing and I was looking forward to seeing what it was all about, I was not to be disappointed.

Every week I found myself looking forward to the next episode, anticipating what would happen next. You have to remember this was long before the days that streaming sites would release an entire series in one go, something I think has ruined that weekly wait but that’s a different story.

This truly became a firm favourite of mine at the time as each episode left me just wanting to know more and more and had me wondering what was going to happen next and where the story was going. It takes a lot for a show to pull me in like this so it shows you how much I was enjoying it.

The writing on the show seriously impressed me plus the acting was fantastic too, I must point out though that this especially points to Terry O’Quinn who seems to have the ability to elevate anything he’s featured in (though I must admit every time I see him I think of “The Stepfather”).

Then one day out of the blue, just as the show was gripping viewers, ABC announced that the show was being cancelled. I was dumbfounded, how could such a great show be cancelled when it hasn’t even finished its first season?! It’s something that still confuses me today when I think about it.

We’d only had nine episodes and they were pulling the plug on it already, I was not happy and even worse I thought we were going to be left on a cliffhanger and questions left unanswered. It’s happened before and I’m sure it will happen again but it’s never a good thing.

Luckily, in fact very luckily I think, ABC decided that the last four episodes would still be released but they would also serve as an end to the show, giving fans some closure at least. I thought this was a nice move by ABC and it’s not something you see happen often, even now.

As good as it was to give the fans a proper ending and not a cliff hanger like usual, those four final episodes seemed really rushed, which of course they were, and made the show end on something of an anti climax. Plus, I won’t give the ending away but it did leave some questions unanswered.

The show was affected by Hurricane Sandy which heavily damaged sets and had to be reconstructed. Also “One Million Moms”, an American Christian activist group known for trying to mobilize conservative women in protest against various media outlets, made “666 Park Avenue” a target of its protestation.

The organization, having taken exception to the show’s use of the mark of the devil and believing that exposure to it was inappropriate, prompted its members to e-mail the sponsors of the network urging them to withdraw revenue from the show. Whether this was a reason for its cancellation has never been stated.

I would have love to have seen this show go on for at least another season at least and see the plot points expanded on and more explained about the goings on. There really was some huge potential with this show with homages and comparison to the legendary Hitchcock and others, yet for some reason it got dropped.

The show was actually based on a book of the same name by author Gabriella Pierce, I’ve never actually read it but apparently the only thing that’s the same from the book to the show is ‘Jane’s first name and the title of the show. Aside from that, the series apparently bears little to no similarities to the book.

“666 Park Avenue” didn’t think of it’s audience as ‘dumb’ and that was shown in it’s amazing writing. The fact that a great show like this, which truly had everything you wanted, couldn’t even be saved is still a sad one.

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