Horror Movie Pet Peeves

I’m sure by now you know that I absolutely love the Horror genre.

Awful CGI

The amount Of Horror films I’ve seen that have been ruined by terrible CGI is way too high. Even when a practical effect is bad you have the appreciation of the art form, bad CGI just completely takes me out of the film.

Bad Endings

I’m sure you’ll agree that as good as any Horror film is, a terrible ending can ruin the whole thing. Whether it’s a cop out of an ending, a twist that makes no sense or anything else, a bad ending can leave you feeling cheated.

Pointless Jump Scares

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good jump scare as much as the rest of you. What I don’t like is a jump scare that comes out of nowhere and isn’t needed and does nothing for the story, Same goes for overusing them.

Highly Unlikable Characters

Sure we all enjoy seeing an annoying character get their comeuppance but when that character is so over the top unlikable that you hate seeing them every time their on screen then you know it’s gone too far.

Blood On Camera Lens

I know this one may be seen as nit-picking but it’s something that has always irked me, it just completely takes me out of the movie. It’s the same thing if anything goes on the lens, even things like rain drops etc.

Split Personality

This one depends on how it’s used but I’ve seen way too many films who have used this as a lazy ending to a film. (same with abuse and PTSD) It’s up there with “it was all just a dream” and “It was just a figment of your imagination”.

Off Screen And Sequel Kills

I’m sure you know exactly what I’m on about with this one, you’ve spent the entire film rooting for the character and the film finishes with them still alive. Then you get to the sequel and their either dead in ten minutes or reported dead right at the beginning.

Sequels That Ignore Details From Previous Films

Let me explain this one, It really frustrates me when a film sets out its own myths, lore and details and then they get completely disregarded in sequels. Also when the details from previous films are simply forgotten or never happened.

Over Explanation

When you’re watching a Horror film and then all of a sudden the story goes out of it’s way to explain everything to you, every little detail. The exposition dump can be way too much sometimes mand unnecessary.

Texting/Social Media

This one is probably more to do with my age but I hate this trend of texts or social media updates appearing on the screen and you have to read them quick, or they show the phone and you have to pause and squint at the screen.

Bad Sound Mix

I’m sure I’m not alone on this one, you’re watching a film and the dialogue is really quiet so you turn it up, then thee’s an explosion or music starts up and you’re almost deafened so you sit with the remote in your hand trying to keep it balanced.

I’m sure there are more (yeah, I’m a grumpy old man) but I’ll leave it there for now. Do you have any Horror film pet peeves? Let me know in the comments below.

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