Horror Review: The Boy Behind The Door (2020)

Bobby tries to save himself and his best friend when they are kidnapped on their way home from school.

The premise of this film really intrigued me so I just had to watch it.

I’d only really heard negative things about this before watching it, I usually just ignore stuff like that but obviously it sticks in your head. With that in mind I wasn’t expecting much but I was still intrigued and I always watch anyway so I can make my own mind up instead of believing someone else’s opinion.

Now I’ll be honest with you here, I can see why some viewers didn’t enjoy this, but I usually do see the same complaints when your lead characters are children. It always comes down to bad decision making and frustration due to it, I think some viewers forget what it’s like to be a naive child.

I also think viewers forget you have to have a suspension of disbelief too, this is a story and the decisions made that you may deem wrong are your choice. At the end of the day if characters in films listened to us we wouldn’t have much of a film and we would be bored stiff.

What should be praised is the actual acting from the kids, it really is great and gives you that sense of realism you need. Also this is writers, directors and lifelong friends David Charbonier and Justin Powell’s first feature debut, which was obviously influenced by “The Shining”, and I look forward to seeing more.

“The Boy Behind The Door” is a fun ‘cat and mouse’ style film and a fun independent film that I think viewers could enjoy if given the chance.

If you want to see “The Boy Behind The Door” trailer then just click on the video below:

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