Franchise Review: The Fly Overview

Well Horror fiends, there you have it. The entire “The Fly” franchise review.

I’ve had a lot of fun looking back over this franchise.

“The Fly” franchise is one you can split into two groups, you have the old black and white versions that are loved by many and feature one of Horror’s all time greats in Vincent Price. Then you have the modern version which itself has become a bona fide classic and is easily one of Cronenberg’s greatest films.

Both versions of the franchise have their fans, personally I’m a fan of both but I have to admit that I have to prepare myself to watch Cronenberg’s version. It’s so dark that it’s not a film I can just throw on, I have to mentally prepare myself for it, which is very much a rarity for me.

A comic book by IDW titled “The Fly: Outbreak”served as a continuation from “The Fly II”, It took place years later and sees Martin Brundle continuing to search for a cure to his mutant genes, which is still corrupted. If you haven’t read this comic series yet then make it a priority, it’s really well done.

Geena Davis was reportedly once involved with an alternate sequel to “The Fly”, titled “Flies”. The script was said to feature a story where ‘Veronica’ does not die in childbirth, and instead gives birth to twin boys. Whilst that never happened there is now murmurs of a new remake being done.

“The Fly” Franchise is a very entertaining one, like I said it’s two completely different visions and both are fun in their own ways.

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