Looking Back At The “SAW” Video Games

Horror video games, I just love them.

The “SAW” games were a survival horror video games.

If you’ve ever read my stuff on video games before then you’d know I’m usually way behind when it comes to games, I’m talking years. It was no different when it came to the “SAW” games, In all honesty I didn’t even know they were a thing until I stumbled upon them in a shop.

I know, I’m a terrible Horror fan, but like I said before I’m always behind on gaming. Me and my partner love these style of games so we snatched them up and we’re both eager to play them as soon as possible. The fact we’re both fans of the “SAW” films was certainly a bonus.

What followed was hours and hours of entertainment, with traps, jump scares, puzzles and a tension that you only get with these type of games. We spent every spare minute we had playing the games, there was never a dull moment as we batled our way through Jigsaws games.

The immersive experience of being a pawn in Jigsaw’s well laid out plans, traps and everything else was truly heart racing. The plots for both of the games were both seriously well done and I really do give the makers a huge kudos for that as you can tell they put a lot of effort into it.

The makers didn’t forget who their audience was either, this was a game aimed at adults & Horror fans. There was plenty of blood and enough moments to make you squirm in your seat to satisfy any gore hound who was playing. This was great to see as sometimes these things get watered down.

It wasn’t all about the blood though, as I said the plot was really well crafted, so much so that the games really kept us on the edge of our seats. Once again I give kudos as I’ve played games where the story is the last thing that was thought about and it’s obvious. Here, the makers really gave it their all.

Just like the “SAW” films pushed boundaries, in my opinion so did the games, especially in the Horror aspect. What other game allows you to cut open bodies and sift through their insides to retrieve a key? Remember this was in 2009, you definetily see that a lot back then.

Of course with anything of this nature there was controversy around the games releases. The “Torture Porn” label was once again brought out and the games being tagged as “sick” and “tasteless”, of course that only made people want to play it more, great free advertising right there.

With games getting remastered I’d love to see these given another chance, in fact there’s even been rumours of a new game being made. This doesn’t surprise me as Horror games are extremely popular at the moment, time will only tell.

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