31 Days Of Horror: Day Twenty Eight

Welcome to “31 Days Of Horror”!

This years theme is Horror film Easter eggs.

“What is meant by Easter eggs in movies? An Easter Egg is a term used to describe a hidden detail left in a movie by the filmmaker. This element could be a message, foreshadowing or call-back to another medium, designed to give the audience members sharp enough to catch, a thrill.”

Diary Of The Dead

Say what you want about the film but this scene always makes me laugh. Whilst the characters are shooting their own film a line is said about an undead character moving too fast –“Dead things don’t run! If you run that fast, your ankles are gonna snap off.” I wondered if this was Romero getting a dig in at the modern zombie and he admitted it was in an interview:

“I took a big swipe at [fast zombies] in this film: There’s a running gag in the movie that dead things don’t move fast. Partially, it’s a matter of taste… In the original Halloween, Michael Myers never ran, he just sort of calmly walked across the lawn or across the room. To me, that’s scarier: this inexorable thing coming at you and you can’t figure out how to stop it. Aside from that, I do have rules in my head of what’s logical and what’s not. I don’t think zombies can run. Their ankles would snap! And they haven’t yet taken out memberships to Curves.”

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