Atmosfear – 30th Anniversary Edition

Thirty years on, The Gatekeeper can still make you laugh, scream and jump out of your skin

I grew up playing this game and it’s many expansion packs, many hours were spent having so much fun with friends and family. Now it’s 30th anniversary has rolled round and it’s time to celebrate.

Well now’s your chance to get your hands on the 30th anniversary edition, something I’m considering getting myself. The game makers state:

This special 30th Anniversary Kickstarter edition of Nightmare/Atmosfear not only pays homage to the origins of this unique video-meets-boardgame experience, it also expands on the original with deluxe game play extras and new custom pieces made especially for this campaign.

We are not only re-creating the original game from 30 years ago, we are also refining and improving the original with new playing pieces, extra cards, and incorporating the crazy Baron Samedi expansion. In addition we have commissioned an entirely new and original backstory of The Gatekeeper and his mission on and under the earth called “The Lore of the Other Side” – this will be penned as a graphic novel.

All of this will be available via one-off rewards, a Standard game, a Deluxe game plus a number of Stretch Goals.

We are proud and excited, with your support, to be able to re-create the original game plus all the add-ons so that, although he is not quite alive, The Gatekeeper can keep on keeping on!

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Then head on over to their Kickstarter page (HERE) and look into how you can help this project

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