Ten Years On: The Woman In Black

For this ‘Ten Years On’ post we take a look back at “The Woman In Black”.

I didn’t think I was gonna get the chance to cover this film but fortunately I’ve managed to just squeeze it in.

Back in 2011 one of the worlds biggest movie franchises, the “Harry Potter” movies, came to an end. With it came a lot of questions, one of the main ones being whether it’s star Daniel Radcliffe could step out of it’s shadow. Fans were eager and also anxious to see what was going to happen, what direction would Radcliffe go.

News broke that he had chosen “The Woman In Black”, a classic ghost tale, as his next film. His first post-Potter project was to be A Hammer film production, a name that is certainly full of rich history in our beloved genre. Radcliffe had an undoubtedly big challenge and it was time to see if he would rise to it.

In my opinion this was the film that showed the world that Daniel Radcliffe truly was in fact a good actor and whilst he never will be able to get out from behind the still colossal shadow that is “Harry Potter”, he did have a future in film and now it was time for everyone to see him as a serious actor.

The film itself was extremely well done, very rich in atmosphere and suspense, it also became a gateway film for a lot of younger people who grew up watching those “Harry Potter” films. It also helped rejuvenate interest in the good ol’ ghost story which I was glad to see because I’ve always been a big fan of them.

Ten years on and “The Woman In Black” is still a film that people hold in high regard and rightly so, it’s a very good film and one that I still thoroughly enjoy.

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