Franchise Review: My Super Psycho Sweet 16 – Part 2

Following the murders at the Rollerdome, Skye Rotter leaves town in search of a normal life.

The story carries on where the first film left off as the saga continues.

After the massacre at the Rollerdome we see ‘Skye’ go on the run and meet up with her biological mother who abandoned her and get some answers about what happened in the past. We even discover the she has a younger sister called ‘Alex’ who by the looks of it has lived a life of luxury.

With a mixture of new and old characters we get more than a one dimensional story and see the narrative move forward. We see how ‘Skye’ is trying to escape everything, How ‘Brigg’ and ‘Derek’ are dealing with what happened and also the story of ‘Alex’.

The new additions do a great job of playing their roles, though admittedly there are a few cheesy and cringey moments but remember this is made-for-TV. You can see that the confidence has grown in the cast from the first film, especially our lead Lauren McKnight.

Admittedly this is what I call a ‘stepping-stone’ film, basically a film that sets everything up for the next movie. It more than serves it’s purpose by tying up some loose ends from the first film and done pretty well actually, it also makes us ask new questions for the next instalment.

“My Super Psycho Sweet 16 – Part 2” does deliver and sdoes what it set out to do and sets you up for the final instalment.

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