Franchise Review: My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Overview

Well folks, there you have it. My “My Super Psycho Sweet 16” franchise review.

It’s been interesting looking back over this franchise

The films may have started out as a satire take on the then-popular MTV show “My Super Sweet 16” (don’t forget MTV are the ones who also made these films) but they became something more and you have to give them kudos for that as it’s not an easy thing to do.

The film series gave us some fantastic characters, especially a strong female character with ‘Skye Rotter’ who I thought was brilliantly acted by Lauren McKnight, I also enjoyed watching characters get their just desserts, especially ‘Madison Penrose’.

I do have to say though that I feel they dropped the ball with the character of ‘Charlie Rotter’, I feel they spent so much time focusing on ‘Skye’ that this key character was underlooked and not given enough screen time to hook us in. I wanted to know more about him.

Despite its faults and some unavoidable gaping plot holes I have to say that the films are great for a younger crowd, a gateway series so to speak and that’s no bad thing for the younger crowd, we all started somewhere and even though it’s 13 years old it could still be a start for someone.

“My Super Psycho Sweet 16” is certainly a Teen Horror film series but it’s Teen Horror done well, kudos to MTV for doing it.

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