Ten Years On: The Conjuring

For this ‘Ten Years On’ post we take a look back at “The Conjuring”.

By the time of this release the name James Wan meant something to Horror fans.

After directing films such as “SAW”, “Dead Silence” and “Insidious”, James wan had quickly become a firm favourite amongst genre fans so when news of this release came about it had fans excited and full of anticipation for what he would have in store for us with this next release.

Well that’s how I felt anyway, after I saw the trailer I just knew I had to watch this. At this point I must admit I didn’t know too much about The Warrens, only by reputation really and from an “Amityville” documentary I saw, but that was enough to let me know what they were all about.

Once released the film became something of a phenomenon, one that’s still going strong today. There’s simply no denying that it made a massive impact, it made the supernatural/paranormal ‘cool’ again and we saw an abundance of supernatural/paranormal films and TV shows released afterv the success of this film.

“The Conjuring” truly was a game changer, film-makers dream of making a feature that has an impact like this, James Wan has done it twice (“SAW” and “The Conjuring”). If this film came out today I feel it would still be a big hit, even a decade later. It’s that thrilling as a viewer, it’s exactly what you want from this type of film.

Ten years on and “The Conjuring” is still a great film, it launched multiple and successful sequels and spin offs and there’s still more to come.

2 thoughts on “Ten Years On: The Conjuring

  1. Agree with every word..i would happily watch them time and time again..the experiences they have had in their lifetimes are ones to be shared with all..


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