The “Horror Dinner Party” Challenge

I do enjoy a good challenge.

The picture below is pretty self explanatory but that doesn’t make this challenge a simple one. I mean, dead or alive, the possibilities, the choices! So I’m going to give this a try and I’m going to try and mix it up as best as I can, I’ll even try and explain why I chose which person.

Bruce Campbell

This choice should be of no surprise to anyone who follows the blog, I can see Bruce serving as the host himself and bringing a ton of humour to the rable.

Vincent Price

You can’t have a dinner party without Mr. Price! He’d be able to entertain the fellow guests with his iconic wit and class.

Sir Christopher Lee

Talking of class, Sir Christopher Lee would bring his British class to the table, plus he had so many stories to tell to entertain everyone.

Jamie Lee Curtis

With her outspokeness I see Jamie Lee Curtis as a great addition to the table and she’d more than certainly have a few stories herself.

Stephen King

Here’s a man I’d love to sit down with and pick his brains, I’ve been enjoying his books all my life and I’m sure he’d make a great guest.

Tom Savini

If you watch any Horror documentary you’ll know that nine times out of ten you’ll see Tom Savini in it, here’s a man who loves the business and I’m certain he’d be an interesting guest.

Cassandra Peterson/Elvira

Here’s someone who could crack the ice with a joke and a smile, if you’ve read her book you’d know how entertaining she is and I’m sure she’d have the others in stitches with laughter.

Well there you have it, my 7 guests, I can’t even begin to tell you how hard this was! I left out soooo many people that I could’ve created a wedding style seating plan of multiple tables.

Who would be at your table? I’d love to know so be sure to tell me in the comments.

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