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Let’s take a look at what’s coming up!

Ouija: A New Beginning

Molly Price is a woman on the run. With her two teenage daughters, she decided to take refuge at her father-in-law’s vacation home on an island in the Pacific Northwest. Almost immediately, strange occurrences begin to plague the family.

Exhibit #8

When Bosnian-born Aisha and cameraman Elias team up to shoot a documentary on the mysterious disappearance of Aisha’s brother, they cross paths with another film crew, who are creating an even more sinister narrative.

From Black

A recovering drug addict, desperate for closure and saddled by crushing guilt after the disappearance of her young son, is presented with a bizarre offer to learn the truth about what happened and set things right – if she is willing to pay a terrifying price. How dark is she willing to go for a chance at redemption?

The Unheard

Chloe Grayden undergoes an experimental procedure to restore her hearing. So she begins to suffer from auditory hallucinations related to the vanishing of her mother.

Bad Connection

A down-on-her-luck waitress discovers a snuff film on the stolen cell phone she purchased. She soon finds herself on the run from a lethal hunter hellbent on getting it back, and willing to destroy anyone who stands in his way.

Have any of these trailers piqued your interest? Let me know in the comments below.

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