The (Insert Film/Show) ‘Verse

‘Movieverse’, it’s a phrase that we hear a lot nowadays.

It’s also something which I think needs talking about.

For some of you reading this it may seem strange but not too long ago there wasn’t really such a thing as a movieverse with crossovers, spin offs and such. There was a time when it was fairly normal for a movie to just be it’s own unique movie all by itself.

You might get a film that would nod it’s head to it’s peers with an easter egg featured in the background somewhere, something that fans may or may not pick up on, but back then that didn’t mean as much or was as speculated about as much as it would be now.

Nowadays within an hour of something being released you’ll see articles talking about all the films easter eggs and speculate on what meaning they have and such. Here’s the thing though, who’s to say it has any meaning at all? I’m going off course here but hopefully you get what I mean.

Back to what I was originally saying, the whole crossover thing was something that you mainly saw in things such as comic books, cartoons, TV show and most recently video games. In my opinion The whole “Movieverse” thing has only recently become popular due to Marvel films.

Now I don’t say this with any malice, I’m a Marvel fan myself (in fact I’m a huge comic book nerd), but I call it the ‘Marvel effect’, when Marvel started tying up their cinematic universeand studios saw how popular it was then every studio and film-maker seemed to start doing it.

Because of this there’s been a lack of self-contained movies and even if they are they have to belong to something, take the ‘Blumverse’ for example. Here’s a studio that has positioned it self so that if for example you got “Happy Death Day” crossed with “The Purge” then it wouldn’t seem out of place.

I guess I just miss the days when a film could be an entity all on its own, a singular story with no spin offs, sequels or prequels, people need to remember that there’s nothing wrong with that. Not every story needs to be expanded upon until it’s paper thin or milked dry.

I mean even as we are all aware of, even if fans do demand a sequel it doesn’t mean it’s going to be any good. Horror fans have more than endured there fair share of awful sequels, the list of bad sequels, prequels and so on is a very long one indeed.

It’s like they saying goes “Be careful what you wish for”. One problem I see a lot now is the majority of stories end predictably with an open wide ending, it’s all about leaving that door open for what could be next. It’s just lazy writing in my opinion.

Now this isn’t to say that I dismiss any ‘Movieverse’ happening, I’m all for it if the story is right and it doesn’t damage the product. The problem here is that this is very much a rarity, anything popular is most certainly going to be milked for every penny, that is a certainty.

Now before anyone mentions it, yes I know the ‘Universal Monsters’ did crossovers and such all those many years ago and yes, a couple of them were pretty decent but times have changed since then. The new “Universal Monster” reboot wasn’t exactly a success.

Also as much as you may enjoy The “Abbott & Costello Meet…” films (I’m not a fan myself), could you imagine the uproar now if you had something along the lines of “Kevin Hart Goes To Camp Crystal Lake”. Horror fans would not be happy campers about that.

We live in a world were the attention span is shrinking, it’s all about bitesize stories, yet studios are throwing out these “Movieverses” and adnittedly it confuses me. I know I’m not very good at getting my point across but hopefully you can understand some of this gibberish I’ve wrote. Also I’d love to hear your thoughts about this too.

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