Halloween: The Board Game

John Carpenter‘s masterpiece 1978’s “Halloween” (1978)” is receiving its very first board game adaptation.

“Halloween” is one of all time favourite films ever, so to hear that it’s getting the board game treatment is very exciting.

Trick or Treat Studios describes the game:

“It was the night HE came home… and one player must take on the role of Michael Myers! The others will control Laurie and her friends as they scramble to find weapons, the kids, and a way to escape. Their task will be made more difficult because Myers can only be seen when you’re looking right at him!”

“This 1 vs Many game by renowned designer Emerson Matsuuchi is the first time the original Halloween movie has been made into its own board game.”

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? I know I am, you can pre-order it HERE

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