Franchise Review: Sorority House Massacre

Something seems hauntingly familiar to Beth when she arrives at the Sorority House for a fun weekend with her girlfriends.

It’s time for another franchise review, so let’s get to it!

The 80’s, the era of the Slasher film and as we all know there were so, so many low budget b-movie Horrors. Even though there was an abundance of them released that doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything good being made, there were some diamonds in the rough.

Horror fans will notice quite quickly that the film has many similarities with other Slasher films of the same era but let’s be honest, they do all have a sense of familiarity about them and that’s no surprise as there’s only so much you can do with the Slasher format.

The acting is okay, the problem is though is that this was nothing original. It borrows ideas from some of its peers but they don’t quite gel together properly, despite this though it does still make for some b-movie entertainment.

This was writer and director Carol Frank’s only film and I’m quite shocked by this as this feature shows she had some potential, sadly this was common practice in the 80’s, it’s a decade filled with actors and directors who only did no more than a handful of films at most.

“Sorority House Massacre” is a fantastic example of what was going on at the time, sure it’s not perfect but it still makes for a fun viewing

Miscellaneous facts about the film:

The Scandinavian woman in the poster artwork is actress Suzee Slater. She does not appear in the actual film.

Angela O’Neill (Beth) was hired without knowing that her role required nudity and wasn’t aware until she received the script. She refused to do the nudity and was told “It’s in the script, so you have to do it.” She threatened to walk off set and with such a tight shooting schedule, they relented and agreed to let her keep her clothes on. Noticeably, during the “changing clothes montage”, she’s sitting on the bed, conspicuously out of sight in the shot of her three friends changing clothes and flashing their breasts.

The initials on Beth’s suitcase as she’s entering the sorority house are the same initials that are on the outside of the house: LBH.

Filmed in 17 days.

Film debut of Vinnie Bilancio.

Originally titled “Simply Sorority”.

Trailer narrated by Percy Rodrigues.

The knife used is a Buck 119 with stag handles. It’s somewhat similar to the black Buck 120 used in the Scream films.

Film debut of Aimee Brooks.

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