The 80’s: A Fans Point Of View: Part 3

Q3: What was life like before VHS?

Kathy: We didn’t have anything to compare it to so we saw movies in the cinema or on television, it was all we had.

Jeff: Cinema or try to catch it on network TV or late night TV, that was it! Oh and the occasional 8mm or 16mm film you might get, I remember having a super 8 film series of Godzilla clips and a super 8 Star Wars reel, not horror but that’s the way it was!

Robin: Yep, same here. We’d either go to matinees, they were cheap then. We watched a-lot of late night Saturday  movies. Back then there were a lot of hosted horror movies.

Jeff: Oh yeah! I remember growing up on the hosted horror movies! That’s really where I was introduced to a lot of the Universal classics and Godzilla and the like.

Grant: We were stuck with Saturday afternoon monster movies and hosted Friday night frights.

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