Horror Movie Remakes: The Bad

Welcome to part 2 of “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly”, 3 posts on the best, the worst and the plain awful remakes. 

This list is of ten remakes that I think are some of badly done, it’s in no particular order, if you want to view the film trailer just click on the film poster.

Night Of The Demons

A group of kids go to a Halloween party, only to have to face down a group of demons. This remake of the 80’s classic shows that today’s Horror is all about sex, rock music and cheap thrills. The original had a low budget charm to it, this release looks like it was wrote by a hormone filled teenager, nowhere near as good as the original.


Village Of The Damned

A small town’s women give birth to unfriendly alien children posing as humans. Carpenters remake of the 60’s film shows that black & white can beat colour. also the acting is very stiff and sometimes un-watchable, half the film is just watching Kirstie Alley smoke and boss people around which becomes very boring and stale.
Wizard Of Gore

In the darkly phantasmagorical world of the carnival magician and sideshow hypnotist, the gruesome illusions of Montag the Magnificent are unique in that they seem to become retroactive reality long after the the tricks are done. With a cast boasting of Glover, Dourif and Combs you’d think this would be a film not to miss. The 70’s lewis original is a splatter classic, the remake falls very short, very quickly, but what do you expect when half the films promotion was the suicide girls are cast in it.
The Stepfather

Michael returns home from military school to find his mother happily in love and living with her new boyfriend. As the two men get to know each other, he becomes more and more suspicious of the man who is always there with a helpful hand. The 80’s cult classic brought shock and suspense, this remake brought noting new and was no shock as we already knew what was happening. “From the makers of Prom Night” should have been the sign that this remake was going to be a total waste of a movie
Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

A young girl sent to live with her father and his new girlfriend discovers creatures in her new home who want to claim her as one of their own. there’s no doubting Del Toro’s talent as a film-maker, but this film falls short of his usual standards, whilst it’s a beautifully shot film it’s hampered by bad C.G.I. and bad big plot holes. The 70’s original was much creepier.

After being committed for 17 years, Michael Myers escapes from the mental institution and he immediately returns to Haddonfield, where he wants to find his baby sister, Laurie. Carpenters 70’s original is a film held in high esteem to many Horror fans, Rob Zombies version took away a-lot of mystique that Myers had and also gave us a reason for his killings, which wasn’t needed and made him more of whiny character who just had a bad childhood.
The Omen

An American official realizes that his young son may literally be the devil incarnate. The 70’s original is such a terrific film that it still holds up all these years later, the remake was was all made for a quick profit, this was made all clear when the release date (06.06.06) was announced. A bad remake that if done properly could have been great.
My Bloody Valentine

Tom returns to his hometown on the tenth anniversary of the Valentine’s night massacre that claimed the lives of 22 people. Instead of a homecoming, however, Tom finds himself suspected of committing the murders. The 80’s original is a gem of the original slasher genre, the remake was done at the boom of Slasher remakes and the start of the 3D craze, the 2 mixed together didn’t go well together at all. With so much focus on 3D effects it ruined the film itself which had so much potential to do great.
A Nightmare On Elm Street

A serial-killer who wields a glove with four blades embedded in the fingers and kills people in their dreams, resulting in their real death in reality. Craven’s original is one of the most loved slasher films ever made, the remake took all that magic away and gave us an awful Freddy and awful effects with an even worse script. It was heartbreaking to watch.
The Wolfman

Upon his return to his ancestral homeland, an American man is bitten, and subsequently cursed by, a werewolf. When you remake a classic, such as this remake of the 40’s film starring Lon Chaney Jr and Bela Lugosi, you have to tread very carefully. This remake started off with a-lot of promise, then just all goes down hill. This remake took away the sympathy you felt for the Wolfman and decided to go all out action and C.G.I. Not even Hopkins could save this mess of a film.

Un-honourable mentions

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