Our Obsession With The Apocalypse

Why are we obsessed with the apocalypse?

When I look at this subject it had always made me laugh because only a few years ago we had high hopes for what the future held, you only have to look at the movies that were released in what year to see how times changed.

We used to think of the future as bright, technologically advanced and more of a simple life made easier by said technology. Now we see it as a dark, scary and lonely situation, either way there’s no denying it’s a fascinating subject.
Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse, nuclear wasteland, natural disaster or any other of the countless situations we seem to be drawn to these stories, we are completely obsessed with our own demise. 

Whether it be a film, TV show, book or even a computer game it’s safe to say that the apocalypse is big business. It’s a true way to view how society views the forthcoming years when they are spending thousands on planning for what they view as impending doom (“For when the shit hits the fan”) and you can view all of it on your TV.

We are truly captivated by the stories that are presented to us but why? Is it because it provides a sense of meaning? is it because it makes us understand ourselves better? Or is it because we’re all just bored? The list of questions is long and filled with very few answers.

One things for certain is that our obsession with the apocalypse will never waver and we all like to think we’d be able to survive but honestly do you REALLY think you could? Or would you even want to?
I’ve always thought I could survive a zombie apocalypse but in all truthfulness I know I probably wouldn’t last long, I enjoy my home comforts too much.
I’ve always found it amusing that we view these post apocalyptic stories as more of a ‘real’ situation than a futuristic film with a more positive outlook, it really does show the true face of humanity.

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