Murderabilia – Right Or Wrong?

Murderabilia, also known as murderbilia, is a term identifying collectibles related to murders, murderers or other violent crimes.

I’ve been a memorabilia collector since I can remember, from comics to music to figurines to books to films, I’ve collected it all and still do. 

There are collectors for everything out there and in some dark corners of the internet is a thing known as ‘Murderabilia’. Yes, you can own something from the worlds worst criminals, from a signed letter to art work to clothing and more. 

Personally I find the whole thing a little bit disturbing yet highly intriguing, I can understand the appeal to certain people but I know I could never purchase anything of this nature. I couldn’t explain why but I know I’d somehow feel a sense of guilt.

The lead singer of metal KoЯn was known as an avid collector of Murderabilia, owning an abundance of items including Ted Bundy’s car, He himself had a change of heart though stating:

“I’m done with that. I got all that stuff out. I just got over it. I was really into it for a while. I still have the car, but I’m just bringing negativity and negative shit in my house with it, and I don’t want that around my kids. There is definitely a vibe and weird shit attached to those things. I really don’t want to glorify these people and what they did and display the shit. I wasn’t thinking straight when I bought that stuff. I was sucked into it because it was so dark, and I’m like, ‘This is cool’. When I started to think about it, I was like, ‘What about those 70 girls’ parents – their babies got killed in that car, and I wanna display it! That is fucked up.'” 
The US government are now involved with the U.S. Senate trying to push a bill moving through which would punish infamous murderers if they knowingly profit from the sale of their letters, artwork or other memorabilia. You’d be surprised what amount of money is spent on these things, Letters and pictures can go for $10-$30 Depending on the person.

Some can even go for $500+ such as a Jeffrey Dahmer hand-written envelope or a Ted Bundy handwritten envelope can go for as much as $7,000. It’s astounding really, I mean that’s just envelopes, let’s not forget the artwork and more items that are out there, John Wayne Gacy’s artwork has gone for as much as $12,000. People will ask though, how can you put a price on something like this?

Who knew there was so much money in murder?! I for one certainly didn’t and to be honest it’s quite worrying, these people can achieve a fame some can only dream of  and that’s a worrying thought on our culture more than the murderous rampages themselves. 
I often get asked my opinion on this subject so here is my 100% honest reply. It’s always worried me when I read about how much fan-mail these offenders receive, whilst I may find them fascinating to read about I don’t see a reason in glorifying the actions these criminals have done. Study it, talk about it, document it, even make a Horror film about it or a meme that you know you shouldn’t laugh at but do but not glorification.

There’s no denying that the subject is highly fascinating, whether you agree with it or not and with controversy never far behind it, it will always be a talking point. 

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