Horror Review: FPS – First Person Shooter (2014)

Your pregnant wife Linda has been captured by a ruthless scientist, who created a devastating virus. To rescue her, you have to fight through the old rotten experimental clinic, armed to the teeth, one level after another right through the dark, decayed guts of this evil complex. Unfortunately you don’t have much time, at dawn, the whole area will be eradicated.

A few months back I had the privilege of reading the script and layout to this film and had exclusive behind – the -scenes shots as-well, I was highly impressed by what I seeing and finally got to see the whole thing.

From the off you know that you’re watching something different, something original, something risky. And this is why the independent scene is on fire at the moment, these film-makers are taking risks and trying something dissimilar to what were constantly having thrown at us and it’s highly refreshing.
The film has an amazing voice over done by Stephan Weyte (who some of you may remember from 1997 game “Blood”) and his deep, raspy voice adds so much to the feature and gives it somewhat of a “Duke Nukem” feel but more macabre.
What you have here is a perfect blend of Horror film and gaming, these two are big business in 2014 so it really is a case of perfect timing to be released. In truth it shouldn’t work, it really shouldn’t, but  ultimately it does and ends up winning you over.
Director Andreas Tom is definitely one to look out for, if he keeps up the amazing work he showed here then he most definitely has a bright future ahead of him and I for one can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.
“FPS – First Person Shooter” is not to everyone’s tastes but ultimately I think it has the utmost potential to be a future cult classic.
If you want to see the “FPS – First Person Shooter” trailer then just click on the video below:

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