Australian film-maker Rob Taylor has just released a funding campaign for the schlocky B-grade feature horror movie, “Human Garbage”.

Based on the “Night Of The Garbage Monster” concept trailer released in 2013 by Phanterror Video (see below), “Human Garbage” is the splatter-fest horror fans have been waiting for! A slice of homage to the B-movie horror films of the 80’s such as “Street Trash”, “Bad Taste”, “Braindead” and “The Toxic Avenger”, the hilariously disgusting “Human Garbage” will leave you screaming for more! 

If you like your horror films to be full of blood, gore and creature effects, then this dystopian tale about super-natural vengeance is not to be missed! Keep your vomit bag handy, because this is going to get messy! “The Night of the Garbage Monster” trailer was selected as a finalist in last years “Stop ‘N Watch” short film festival and has featured at this years “Trash-o-rama a-go-go” short film festival across the nation.

To help get “Human Garbage” made into a feature film then head on over to the films IndieGoGo page by clicking HERE

Or before you do check out the films pitch trailer:

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