What if the ‘Scooby Gang’ encountered H.P. Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones?… we’re about to find out.

When H.P. Lovecraft’s lost manuscript, with directions on how to travel between worlds, is rediscovered, it kicks off a race against time, between heroes and cultists in an effort to stop the end of the world and the return of Boggaroth, The Watcher in the Deep Woods.

“The Mirror Game” begins its tale in modern times, with a group of nerdy teenagers who stumble across an urban legend that just happens to be true. When other young people begin to go missing, the teens form a ‘scooby gang’ and set out to save the world. Their journey will take them through time and space, to alternate dimensions and realities as they encounter cultists, creatures, and more taken right from the very Lovecraftian tales they once read as fiction.

Join us as we discover Lovecraftian worlds and explore the written word in an ongoing series of serial adventures!


I had the privilege of interviewing the cast and Director of “The Mirror Game” a while back, you can check out that interview HERE


Check out the Indiegogo page HERE

You can also see “The Mirror Game” Indiegogo video below:

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