Modern Horror: What’s The Problem?

What is going on in today’s Horror genre.

It’s no secret that I watch a-lot of Horror, A-LOT! I watch old and new together but more and more I’m finding it harder to watch the modern stuff.

Maybe it’s an age thing, maybe I’m slowly turning into a Horror snob but I feel like I have valid reasons why modern Horror is bad, at times even absolutely awful.

That’s not to say all recent releases are bad, but more on that later on. I feel I need to validate what I’m saying here and unfortunately that means focusing on the negative.

My main problem is how the audience is treated, with recent films I feel the audience is treated like idiots, the films seem to get ‘dumbed down’ which is an insult to us as viewers. 

It’s become a recurring theme that needs to stop a.s.a.p., I’ve seen kids films that treated their much younger viewers with more respect, and think more of it’s audience.

The only scene giving their viewers the benefit of the doubt is the independent releases, with these people being fans themselves you have Horror fans writing for Horror fans.

Whilst this does have disadvantages it’s mainly a great thing as these fans see what’s missing from the genre and help fill that hole in the market and that’s helped the rise in popularity of the scene.

We’re so often given sloppy writing, or even a film that’s been enjoyable for the most part only for it to all fall apart in the last 30 minutes or so. We’re also expected to look past plot holes so big the can ruin your viewing, I find it infuriating and it amazes me that some of them get released without anyone saying anything.

In all honesty I’m surprised half of films that get released are even made at all, people need to remember it’s quality not quantity but that’s the modern world we live in I suppose.

One of the most annoying things is crappy C.G.I., I know it’s an old subject and some people are annoyed by the constant debate but it’s a subject that still needs to be talked about.

At-least with animatronics and practical effects you could appreciate the art of it and the hard work that went into it, not something that’s been run through a computer programme.

Now some people can look past all of that but something I can’t forgive is bad character development, this along with lack of suspense and story are the essential things that drive me crazy.

They are that though, essential, yet so many film-makers will put less work on these elements and put that focus elsewhere, I’ve seen many films with bad acting, cheap effects and still loved the story and characters involved.

I’m not criticizing all modern Horror as there has been some absolutely amazing releases but there’s no doubting that the market has been saturated by an abundance of badly made Horror films, from all budget ranges.

Maybe I feel this way because anyone can make a film these days, all you need is a camera. We’ve seen the effect of this for over a decade now, there’s no sign of it stopping either.

Maybe I’m wrong about all this and it’s just me who feels like this but I felt it was something that needed to be talked about.

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