Why I Love Christmas Horror

Well the Holiday season is upon us and you know what that means…

Holiday Horror films!

When people think of Christmas they think of many things such as family time, decorations, presents, carols, Santa Claus and more. For me it’s a time of year when I can finally watch some of my favourite festive Horror movies (well without it feeling weird).

I love how the Horror genre can take something that’s so innocent and heartwarming  and warp it into something so horribly evil and somewhat scary.

Take Santa, only the Horror genre could take such a beloved character and make him out to be someone that’s so wicked and terrifying.
There has been many Holiday Horror films over the years and we all have our favourites and whilst I couldn’t name just one I did do a list of my top twelve a couple of years ago (can be seen HERE).
I also recently watched the new Holiday Horror release “A Christmas Horror Story” which I highly recommend as it shows there’s still life left in the sub-genre and it still has a future.
I love to see the new ideas that people come up for these films and we’ve had some pretty gory and funny moments over the years and some have become bonafide horror classics such as 1974’s “Black Christmas”. 

I remember my first Christmas Horror film, it was 1997’s “Jack Frost”, if you haven’t seen it then I recommend you do. It’s so goddamn hilarious I are anyone to watch it and not burst out laughing.

From that moment on I was hooked and searched for every other festive Horror film and it’s become a ritual of mine to cram in as many as I can as soon as it’s December.

One thing I really enjoy about this time of year is turning all the lights off, making myself a Hot Chocolate, wrapping myself up in a blanket and enjoy the festivities of a Holiday Horror film.
It’s one of my main reasons of why I love winter, the weather creates it’s own atmosphere. You can’t beat watching a Horror film whilst you can hear the wind whirling outside your house.

So I suggest you do the same, get a Hot Chocolate, switch off all the lights, grab a blanket, put on a Christmas Horror film and enjoy yourself.

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