A Look Over "Ash vs Evil Dead"

Ash has spent the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity and the terrors of the Evil Dead until a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind and Ash becomes mankind’s only hope.

Now before you read on, I would like to warn you that this post may contain spoilers so if you’ve still not watched this then it maybe best that you don’t read on.

For those of you who are familiar with my stuff you’ll know how huge a fan I am of the “Evil Dead” franchise. So when this series was announced I was ecstatic, if I was a cartoon I’d have been bouncing off the walls.

For years I’d been hearing the rumours of a fourth “Evil Dead” film, but as time went on my hope for it waned and eventually it just died. So when this news became official fans were overjoyed.

I was so excited for this that I didn’t even watch any teasers or trailers as I wanted it to be a special moment when I saw the much beloved character of ‘Ash’ back on my screen.
It had been 23 years since the last film was released and not including the “Evil Dead” computer games it was Bruce Campbell’s return to the character.
This was originally meant to be the fourth movie, but due to the amount of material being written, the makers decided to turn it into a TV series instead.
I was really happy about this because we got more material and TV series has overtaken movies in my opinion, we also get more of an ongoing story that a film just can’t provide.
The series got such a great reaction that three days before it even premiered on the Starz network It was given approval of a second season. I was so happy about this news as it meant we’ve had more ‘Ash’ and that’s no bad thing.
The series itself was a-lot of fun, a great mixture of humour and gore that the films are famous for. It had the same vibe as it’s predecessors and that was one big worry off my shoulders.
The evolution of the character over so many years was done perfectly and to see middle age ‘Ash’ still throwing around one-liners and being his charming self.
The addition of the new characters was also very well done and they help the story carry on well and it becomes more about the group and not just ‘Ash’. Also it was casting genius to add the awesome Lucy Lawless.
It was very satisfying as a fan to see some old story lines get wrapped up such as where did the book come from, what happened to his hand etc. Also to have those ‘nod of the head’ was so much fun for longtime fans.
My favourite episode was the finale – “The Dark One” – it was what I’d been wanting to see since Episode 1 and it was more than what I could imagine and we got the typical dry humoured ending.
Despite how much I loved this series (and I REALLY do love it) I do have some niggles about it. My main problem is the running time, at 20 minutes per episode it feels too short and just as you’re getting into it, it finishes.
The season premiere and finale ran for 40 minutes and were outstanding, it showed it has the potential for a longer running time and I seriously hope they consider this for the second season.
My other problem was that it completely disregarded the events of “Army Of Darkness” and carries on from “Evil Dead” with references to “Evil Dead II” and I just couldn’t understand that at first.
It was only recently that I found out that “The Evil Dead” is currently controlled by Starz. Due to the fact that Army of Darkness (1992) is owned by Universal Studios, the events of that film are not referenced. Legalities, pffffft!
I’d like to see more character development from ‘Ash’s’ sidekicks ‘Kelly’ and ‘Pablo’, they’re fun characters that pad out ‘Ash’s’ character (in all honesty he is a one dimensional character but we love him for it).
I’d also like a bit more of the scarier stuff, we all love the gore and comedy but a few jump scenes would be highly welcomed. A little more long term story planning wouldn’t go amiss either.
As I said these are just little niggles, all round the series is a cracker and I seriously can’t wait for series 2 and hopefully more to follow.

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