Horror Review: Behind The Mask Of The Horror Actor (2004)

Actor Doug Bradley gives his own unique and personal guide to cinema monsters and the men who portray them.

We all know Doug Bradley as the man who plays ‘Pinhead’, with this venture we see him for the intelligent man he is.

Doug gives us a highly detailed history of the make-up world in our beloved Horror genre, any fan will find it extremely fascinating to read these stories from a bygone era.

We also hear stories from Horror icons such as Robert Englund, Gunnar Hansen and Kane Hodder to share their experiences of being in the make-up chair and the effect it had on them.

The book also serves as a mini autobiography of Doug Bradley as we hear stories from his childhood and how he got into the career of acting.

For ‘Pinhead’ fans out there this will be great reading as we hear behind the scene stories from the man himself and how he feels about the character.

Now I know this review maybe small and not really filled with the stuff you want to hear but this i a review of a book and it must be read to really get the dirt.

I honestly can’t recommend this book enough, it’s highly compelling and I found it hard to put down as I wanted to know more and more, I just couldn’t get enough

If you’re interested you can buy yourself a signed copy of the book from Doug’s website HERE, I suggest you do yourself a favour and do so.

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