Why I Will Always Love And Defend The Horror Genre

There’s one sentence I hear all too often….

I usually hear it when someone finds out that I’m a Huge Horror fan and then it happens, that sentence – “Horror eh, I used to like that”.

This is usually followed by a grin and a little throat chuckle and then spouting off a list of classic Horror films to show they’re being truthful.

It really winds me up, usually because it’s usually said to me in a patronising way (or at least that how it sounds to me) and it’s something I really don’t understand.

I am highly passionate about the Horror genre, even when it’s in a dip, like I feel it is right now, I still love it. I can’t imagine talking about my interest and passion in a past tense.

I can understand not liking a certain film as much as you used to, I’ve got films like that. Films that I feel I’ve maybe outgrown or seen too many times, but to say I’ve done that to the entire genre?!

I get the same thing with my taste in music, when I mention I like metal/rock/punk, I get near enough the exact same sentence with the same routine but that’s a different subject.

It’s something my mind just can’t grasp, it gives me headaches trying to figure this out. Sure the genre has it’s ups and downs, as does everything, but when this happens I tend to start digging through the great history the genre has.
In my opinion the Horror genre has the richest history of any film genre, sure it’s overlooked by many film buffs but I feel that no other ¬†genre comes close to what we have.
If I had to describe Horror fans in one word, and I mean true Horror fans, that word would be passionate. whether you see that as a good thing or bad thing I’ll leave up to you.
Personally I see it as a great thing and this passion shines through in so many ways it’s unreal, it’s something that once again you don’t see in any other film genre.
I think the ultimate passion is seen in the independent scene, here you have fans who spend their hard earned money (that they’ll probably not get back) and hours of spare time to make a film that will probably be seen by less than a few hundred people.
Sure these films range in quality but one thing I can assure you is one thing you see consistently is that it looks like the entire cast look like they’re having tons of fun and why not, there with their friends doing something they enjoy.
It’s for these reason and many more (I could ramble on and on and on) that I will always love and defend the Horror genre.
For those of us who love it, that truly enjoy it and are passionate about it, we have something truly special. Something that no other film genre has and it’s amazing.
Never forget the saying: “Horror isn’t a genre… it’s a lifestyle”. Such true words.

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