The Return Of The Slow Burn

“Is anything going to happen in this film?”

The slow burn certainly isn’t for everyone but it definitely has it’s fans.
For me the slow burn is an art form, an art form in storytelling and when it’s done right it is amazing. The amount of detail that goes into the film’s story is fantastic.

I’ve been a fan of these style of films for as long as I can remember, as an avid bookworm I feel this helps me to appreciate the manner in which these films tell their stories and the approach to it.

This film technique seems to be making a big comeback and I’m all for it, I think it’s time that some movies took a step back and let the story do the talking, it’s a risky move but if you’re confident in your script then let it be at the forefront.
I’m glad that there are filmmakers out there that are putting their confidence in the story and not trying to win viewers over with cheap scares and nudity, they’re telling us a story that usually ends up having a big payoff for those patient enough.
Talking of patience, I feel like this is a big reason people aren’t liking these films. In this day and age people aren’t willing to be patient and want things instantly and when you watch something and the story is still setting up after 20 minutes they get instantly bored. I’ve seen it happen too many times to mention.
Let’s not forget that it’s usually these films that give us the most amazing cinematography and are usually the stills you see being shared all over the internet and end up becoming iconic in their own right.
As I said earlier, the slow burn films are an art form and I’m so happy to see people who still have the courage to make them and release them, you have my kudos and my upmost respect.
The films usual style of visuals is like watching an art piece on screen and it can be so beautiful to watch, when the story is intriguing it just makes for great viewing and I can find myself lost in it all and time just flies.
I’m happy to see audiences embrace this style once again, whilst there are people out there who will not like them you have to admit it’s been a refreshing change.

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