Ten Years On: The Hills Have Eyes

For this ‘Ten Years On’ post we take a look back at “The Hills Have Eyes”.

I’m not the biggest fan of remakes and I had the same thoughts when this was released.

The original release of  “The Hills Have Eyes” from 1977 traumatised me, I saw it as a young adolescent and it seared itself into my brain. But I had to see it again, it soon became a firm favourite.
Bearing all this in mind I was highly sceptical about this remake and was quite mad actually, I felt that nobody would be able to match Wes Craven’s classic cannibalistic tale.
Luckily for all of us I was dead wrong and Director Alexandre Aja pulled out all the stops and something very rare happened, I actually enjoyed a remake (you have no idea how rare this is).

I feel this was helped by the fact that Wes Craven served as Producer on the film, being able to help and advise. Also huge kudos to the effects team, the mutants were amazing and terrifying.

Ten Years on and “The Hills Have Eyes” is still a thrill ride, both versions, but this remake managed to win over both old and new fans of Horror.

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